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Ich war 'mal wieder "fleissig"

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und bin an die Grenzen gestossen  ::)

nach 1024 sprites "ist der Ofen aus", nicht ganz aber so in etwa.
(genauer, dann werd im editor der Background angezeigt, die "Bildchen" sind zwar vorhanden, man sieht bloss das falsche).
macht aber nichts, es wird trotzdem fertig.
Und irgendwie bin ich vielleicht wirklich etwas zu weit gegangen.
dafür kann man bei den meisten Gegnern ungehindert durch die Explosionen Feuern, etwas Aufwendiger aber es lohnt sich.

gestohlen hab' ich auch noch

aber auch mal was ausprobiert

beeindruckend  :good:

The R-TYPE versión it's really nice... but HACK doens't works in mobile devices , ins't?¿

should i guess, you would have to try to find out.

since i only hacked the project file and not the software i expect it should work.
i stumbled over this possibility when i tried to find out if i can use a different palette ("import" a given palette).
makes life a bit easier  =D

the "Game" (Cyrapi) is a stage or two longer (but both unfinished) as shown in the clip.
but somehow i lost interest?
i know i invested a lot of time in the alien, but to "copy" the whole game isn't possible anyway.
there are some limits, that's also why i moved the alien from level 1 to level 2, the level 2 boss is impossible to recreate already, i can't have a hierarchy of compounds, only one (also what is level 1 boss now didn't works as the original).
it was a sort of experiment to see what can be done (and how), i didn't had to paint the sprites myself, which saved me some time.

a result of the experiences is to see in "Galactic Invasion" (3:33)

which is also a clone of many classic space shooters without to copy them simply.
also because a exact copy isn't possible, but something similar.

i like this one better as "Cyrapi", that's why it's finished and playable.

it also drove my to start a new one called "Pixel Attack", but i delayed it for "Spitfire".
something i learned:
it's ok to start a new project with the first level, sometimes you really need to see if the result pleases you.
but if you have a plan it's better to start with the last level.
that's simply because you can't shift levels, neither you can determine at which to start for a test, but attack waves have to be tested often, and after level 3 it get's obviously boring, even if i "rush" through the levels, (if that's possible, "push" takes always as long as it takes to reach the end) and turn off existing bosses.
i started a sort of "moon patrol", but it's one of those ideas which totally failed in gameplay finally, it's not good to play, imo.
(the problem is a bit the behave of directional shooting in jump & run games, which fails a bit in conjunction with gravity. it's very hard to fire in the desired direction, if you use additionally a given scroll speed it get's periculous).
while "Gunner" was only a experiment, of course it's somehow stupid to create more levels for this tiny game, but it's fun to play.

"Castle of Doom" (Venture -> Castle -> Minotaur, while Minotaur failed somehow, but check it out) is some sort of "Kit in the Kit", it's easy to create new levels with the existing stuff.

the attached zip file contains all the "junk" and some tutorial stuff i started because one asked on youtube "how i made those epic games" ;)
which was the reason for this "second session" with gack.

i nearly forgot,
if you load a project and the level boss(es) didn't wortk as expected or vice versa compounds appear as bosses, just save and reload the project.
unfortunately these settings get mixed up each time you save a loaded project.
if this issue is unattended and you create new waves, you get a real mess in return (i.e i load a project, in level1 all compounds are turned bosses, assumed i don't notice this and create in level2 new compounds...).

often i simply counteracted to this by setting all compounds to bosses to or vice versa any boss is a compound if it's true or not.
but that didn't works for all games.

in advance: certain projects need >40 secs to get loaded!
either they have such a high amount of sprites (Spitfire) or many sound waves are to generate (i had the idea to setup a default project with "some" useful sfx, it takes aeons to load. as a hint, it can be useful to "export" some settings for a later re-use, or refere to a project by copy-paste the stuff with a hex-editor. actually i re-used a lot of sfx, saves a lot of time, it can take up to 30 mins until i'm satisfied with one. BUT i like the way it's gettin' done, in the beginning i missed the possibility to load a wave file, but first it prevents from simple ripping and second it's unique).

Kitty Hello:
Wie geil ist das denn!? Ich flipp ja voll aus. Machst Du das am PC? Schick mir ne email , dann schick ich dir eine aktuelle Version.
1024 sprites ist Schluß. Kann ich aber erweitern.


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