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Airprint support - Possible ?

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AirPrint (or/and ePrint) support would be really useful with iPhone/iPad in GLBasic developping.

Gernot ?  :whistle:

With a *!*GOOGLE SEARCH*!* code comes up for printing an image.  I can't test it, but the attached file compiles fine.  Because of attachment restrictions, you should rename it to a ".m"...
Not sure if you wanted something more than images, but considering the GLBasic is a graphics program, it's probably more suited to printing images that you render.
Possible GLB code, again not tested because I'd need to upgrade the device and sort out Airprint...

--- Code: (glbasic) ---IMPORT "C" int __stdcall GLBAirPrint(const char* imagePath)

FUNCTION PrintImage: Image%, Filename$ = "Print.png"

LOCAL Documents$ = PLATFORMINFO$("Documents")
SAVESPRITE Documents$ + "\\" + Filename$, Image
GLBAirPrint(Documents$ + "\\" + Filename$)

--- End code ---

[attachment deleted by admin]

Thanks for source code but...
I realized that the AirPrint doesn't work with ipod touch second generation: (
I'll wait to try the new iPod coming next week.

after 3 days full of tests the result is negative  :giveup:
I've tested the function with iPhone 4 with iOS 4.3.5 and iPod fourth gen
but the printer not receive anything and not print anything :'(

The original code was an objective C class, and I have no doubt I messed something up when deleting stuff from it  :whistle:
Unfortunately I can't help here...


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