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Are there any plans down the line to support HTML5
I know Gernot is busy with Android at the moment but in the long run ?
I'm just discovering the joys of the chrome app store with games like
Angry Birds  and
The Secret of Grisley Manor

seems a nice easy way to play online or simply install to play offline.

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It's in the Labs. The main problem is, that JavaScript won't allow a Main() function. You would have to return the borwser and update frame by frame. Something like: SUB GLB_ON_MAIN_STEP: or so would have to be introduced.


Would flash be a better option?
I have seen some flash vs html5 arguments recently and flash seems to be outperforming html5.

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html5 can do OpenGL :/


nuff said :)   :nw:


the next big thing hehe
html5 bridge
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Bring it on :P
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@Leginus: Flash has only a better performance if you are running it in Firefox. Try Chrome or IE instead.


@monono  I do already use chrome, but thanks for the heads up.
I was referring to something I had read in another forum. I can't relay the information to them though as I would have to buy the other product to be able to post, and i have NO intention of buying it, I am extremely happy where i am :)


ohh my god...

GLBasic throught HTML5 or Webkit? yes!!!!! please!!!!!!

I know that could be a knightmare for Gernot to try to make it... but if it is possible it could be very handful.

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awesoming, abosuly Brutal!!!.
Thanks Again....
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Another interesting option would be to make glbasic target HAXE, that itself targets HTML5, Flash and some other languages.
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The easiest thing would be to keep HTML5 as a seperate application - that way it would be easier to debug.


GLB is GCC, how can this be linked to GCC? Or are we talking about a new cross-compiler altogether?


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Yes. See for details.