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what about support for Samsung's new Mobilephone platform "BADA"
Although the platform is very new, SAMSUNG did a great job so far (having a great C++ API)

As its using C++ its maybe not too difficult to support it in glbasic?

I would really appreciate it :-)


Got this link from Kitty some days ago - looks like a possible new platform - but not ssure about emulator. without emulator or device its not possible to test.

The emulator is included in the BADA SDK (using an Eclipse IDE) and i heard that it should also run from Visual Studio.

So what i believe is that its just a command line tool and can be used without a spefic IDE.

I ll have a try on it later on.

Kitty Hello:
sounds like a plan.

OK the plan is download Bada SDK create a simple hello world, strip the toolchain, compile glbasic, try on emulator and device then take a cup of tea.


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