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GLBasic - en / Re: NETWEBGET and HTTPS
« on: 2019-Jan-18 »
HTTPS is standard nowadays  :D :D :D


GLBasic - en / Re: NETWEBGET and HTTPS
« on: 2019-Jan-06 »
Ok, so the easiest way is just to run my server on HTTP as well. Too bad. Especially because my hosting provider is not very supportive of HTTP anymore.

GLBasic - en / NETWEBGET and HTTPS
« on: 2019-Jan-06 »
I want to do a NETWEBGET$ to my server. I have tried changing the port to 443, but nothing is coming through. Does NETWEBGET$ allow HTTPS connections? Is there another command in GLBASIC which allows me to communicate with a server using HTTPS?

Before, using a http server and the same code, I had no problems. I hope I do not have to downgrade my server.  :|

GLBasic - en / Re: Happy Christmas
« on: 2018-Dec-24 »
Merry Christmas.  8)

Announcements / Re: Red Wizard Island
« on: 2018-Dec-21 »
Google ads got me 1 subscriber to my newsletter. That's not a lot, so I paused the campaign. Think I'm better off doing this on my own for now, or paying someone a little bit to do it for me. In other news:

Quote from: Steam
Your app build is in the review queue. This review typically takes 2-3 days, but please allow up to 5 business days in cases feedback needs to be addressed. No further action is required until the review is complete. You may still upload updated builds at any time.

Submitted for review on Dec 21, 2018


This build has six finished levels. Still working on the rest, but it's a nice start!

Announcements / Re: new book
« on: 2018-Dec-10 »
Nice.  <3

GLBasic - en / Re: Future of Glbasic!
« on: 2018-Dec-10 »
you should contact Gerno by email really here. The video was his. Yes, Ian Price games would been nice to get some records off. He has doing very nice games as well (and of course require a permission from him as well, which should not been a issue). We can allways doing a second smaller trailer as well. Some of the logos does need to been tweeked, but they got accepted throught as you see.

We do NOT need to get another approvements again with extra trailer, so they are easy to been added.

If you want, add my game to the trailer. ;) Gernot asked me, but I didn't see it.  :'(

Bug Reports / Re: Fail Fast Exception
« on: 2018-Dec-09 »
LOL. I'd definitely much rather using Windows 7 but that's not an option. :'(

I'm running Win 7, and I'm getting problems too. So who knows.  :doubt:

Announcements / Re: Red Wizard Island
« on: 2018-Dec-02 »
I have started an Adwords campaign. I think Adwords is pretty good, but maybe Facebook ads would work better. Do any of you have any experience with various forms of advertising?  How have you approached this?

GLBasic - en / Re: GLB versions confusion
« on: 2018-Dec-02 »
As long as you install v15, you can update to the latest version from the menu.

I'm really hoping that I don't have to install Windows 10 just to be able to compile for Mac... So does anyone know where ld looks for its frameworks? What directories?  :doubt:

Does anyone have an idea about where ld looks for the framework OpenGL? I tried a test program (just test.gbas, no spaces in the name) and it gives me the same error. :( I've looked into platform.ini but it seems like all the files are there. All the file permissions are set correctly too, so I don't see why it should give this error.  :blink:

Which version of glbasic? here with v15, its compiles fine with this output, except some permersion issue, but does look like its compile fine.

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
*** Configuration: OS-X_X86 ***
GPC - GLBasic Precompiler V.14.721 SN:53b8d52f - 3D, NET
"Funcs_Tiles.gbas"(496) warning : GPC1004 variable already exists : obj
Wordcount:6110 commands
Creating .app for PowerUp_Elevation
/cygdrive/d/Programmer/GLBasic_v15/Compiler/platform/Mac/bin/chmod: changing permissions of `E:\\Dokumenter\\Programmer\\Glbasic\\GLBasic\\PowerUpElevation\\distribute\\MacOSX\\\\Contents\\MacOS\\MacOSX': Permission denied
*** Finished ***
Elapsed: 9.2 sec. Time: 15:37
Build: 1 succeeded.

But have no Mac to testing it.

Also in the far future, glbasic will property dropping MacOS support. We can only support MacOS as long OpenGL is possible and as long Apple Approve OpenGL apps in their stores. OpenGL is depreacted, but its does still working. Property a least in few future versions.

Property you should try to move your glbasic to a folder that does not have a spacebar in, since the Q drive might have issues.

I'm running GLB v15. Compiling on Windows 7. Thanks for the suggestions, I think I will try the no spacebar thing.  :good: I also had some problems with file permissions after unzipping the downloaded file.

I'm trying to run a Mac build of my game. The compiler throws this error:

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
/cygdrive/q/Compiler/platform/Mac/Bin/../libexec/gcc/i686-apple-darwin8/4.0.1/ld: can't locate framework for: -framework OpenGL
collect2: ld returned 1 exit status
*** FATAL ERROR - Please post this output in the forum[/td]

Where is it looking for the framework? Any ideas on how to solve this?

Announcements / Re: Red Wizard Island
« on: 2018-Nov-23 »
Store page in 'beta' mode is visible only for dev/publisher or can be viewed by others?

It has been approved so I set it to 'coming soon'. You can view the page here. :)

I think I will change the logo to something a bit more "flashy" and colourful, but overall I am quite happy with it.

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