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Same to us all!

On a side news, I got an oculus quest 2 vr borrowed from the university, early next year will try to make it work in GLBasic.
I don´t wanna have to do unite nor unreal, those sucks.
Merry Xmas!

Great! On the visuals, brighter colors might be a good idea. I kind of agree about the main character, Gernot´t idea should help making it stand out.

Media Section / Re: STEAM - Asset Creator
« on: 2022-Nov-28 »
Nice! :enc:

Great work! I recall trying to add psx joys were terrible :D

Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2022-Nov-03 »
Don´t worry about topics, we are all into GLB topic :)

Yes I too recall a problem with full screen and also loading assets during game and not before opening a screen.
Maybe within parallels the issues are the same? If so, we might want to keep that in mind and documented for compatibility :)

Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2022-Nov-02 »
Let me know if there's any else simple you'd like me to try.

Sure! Thanks for your time.
Here are 2 of them on itchio:

Just hit download, unzip and run.
They should work fine and they use PLAYMUSIC.

I will PM you keys to both my Steam games, they also use PLAYMUSIC.
Maybe this will bring more light into the issue of Parallels.

Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2022-Nov-01 »
Lovely game and beautiful graphics! Works on my i3 fine, but for some reason it won't run on my Macbook M1 (running Parallels). When trying to start from Steam or the exe file nothing starts up. Probably not a big issue as will only be a small minority of users playing on Macs but thought it might be useful feedback.

Thanks Loftcat. That feedback is important. A bunch of users do use parallels to run my games and as far as I knew things were going ok.
I hope it is something related to music but Gravedigger EX uses playmusic too and I had no complains. Could it be because of the fullscreen? The said game is windowed.

The more successful of my games sell something like 150 copies so every user counts a lot.
Hopefully one day I will break the 1000 barrier :)   

Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2022-Oct-31 »
Ah yes, this game is pretty much very complete in its contents, just the music issue you raised needs attention.

Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2022-Oct-31 »
It works with the xbox controller as that is the one I have for testing.
I will see to update the games on steam early next year if possible.

Thanks for testing Spacefractal!

Announcements / Re: TH_AVOCADO MAYHEM
« on: 2022-Oct-30 »
Yep, I need to do that to all my games currently using PLAYMUSIC.
Also update their page graphics e fixing some little bugs, most specially the support for 3 joysticks on BurgerLord.

That will require a bit of time, I don´t think I will be able to do it this year, also, about burger lord it is best I add a few more enemies and some extra 64 stages :)

Yep, that api part is what might be tricky. Would I be able to read the head track and the controls? Like joysticks and mouse?
A friend said everything has to go through some facebook app, but I don´t know. I also heard it got "jailbroke" few weeks ago, so let´s see.
If all goes fine I might be able to test something within this year.

Since computers nowadays are ridiculously fast compared to 8bit, this issue should not be a problem unless you are dealing with really huge amounts of data or very complex calculations.
Anyways, what Moru said is the best answer, you can use the profiler to check that.

Even with stuff very well documented, in and outside of the code, that happens to me too.
It is usually a matter of spending 2-4 days messing with the code so stuff starts to come back.
My problem is usually the variable´s relationship, the algo itself, not quite the meaning of things.

GLBasic - en / Re: Steam HTML5 Compiler
« on: 2022-Sep-27 »
Thanks for the heads up, I will sure be trying web compile this year and this will help.

Did anyone here try that out? My professor advisor is going to purchase a couple of these and I wonder if it is possible to rock them under GLB.
If no one tried it before, well, I will have a chance to check it in a few months and will let you guys know how it goes.

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