It possible reduce exe memory and make 1 file .exe no external directory??

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It possible reduce exe memory and make 1 file exe no external directory??

In other words...the files compiled are too big....and also it can possible integrate all resources file in 1 file .exe compiled and for the other platform?????

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All resource files can "compres" in SHOEBOX... search in help! - Desarrollo videojuegos Indie · Pixel-Art · Retroinformática · Electrónica Development Indie Videogames · Pixel-Art · Retrocomputing · Electronic


How tolds Hark0 you can use ShoeBox, it's like a compressed file whit all media data into it... I read in somepart of the forum use a .Dll, but I think if the S.O isn't Windows then doens't works?¿....

I think the wasy way it's tolds Hark0.