Ludum Dare 24

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Ludum Dare 24 theme is announcing in 1 min. Thought I'd take this moment to say, AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!


And....the theme is Evolution!

:O I was not expecting that. Challenging.


I am trying to join this competition, but I dont know whether I will finish my game because this weekend is full with some RL stuff :/
That's no Bug, that's my project!


That theme is a push for expressive creativity.


First time ludum darite I am, I have coded all day...finished but for audio and a title screen  :bed:


Quote from: AmazingJas on 2012-Aug-25
First time ludum darite I am, I have coded all day...finished but for audio and a title screen  :bed:

Wow that was quick! I haven't started coding yet since I had to drop a couple of ambitious ideas I had last night. Went to bed a bit worried but woke up with a silly idea this morning that I liked. I think I just might be able to complete a working game by tonight if I use the whole day to do it. Might still have time tomorrow to beautify it.


Different time zone helped  ;)

/edit oops, was a bit tired  :bed:


Here is my game:

Not a fun game on account of the control scheme being so awkward. I also wanted to add a lot more but ran out of time. In fact I was a real idiot with planning. Everything took longer than expected. I worked flat out for the entire Saturday and most of Sunday yet only just finished in time.

Ugh. Time to eat, drink wine and sleep.


If you feel that you have learnt more about the process since last time then that can only help any future projects (or future Ludum Dare's should you decide to do more) and that must be a good thing  :)

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Really looks so good  :good: for playability and design but, what is important is  8), I will need to discover more later about the theme of evolution.  ;)