Game running slowly on android

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On this thread here:

Scroll down to "FINALLY, here is a zipped APK."
Give that a try on your tablet, what is the performance?
This worked 60fps on all androids I tested but the very ancient ones.


There are many ways to speed it up...

1. use polyvectors , not drawsprite. or maybe glquads?
2. use kanonets qmath lib instead of glbasic cos sin tan ETC math commands. (and use a table formated random number lookup, as opposed to RND())
3. create a rendering limiter, which should limit how many images are being drawn at once, as opposed to makeing a FPS frame skipper....this will cause a noticable inconsistancy in the flow. Howver, if you do go this way with fps skipper, you should make all movements of sprites with a time calculation to regulated actual movement rates to always SEEM to be the same.

Thats all i can think of right now, but ill be back when i can think of more...
I promise you, an upgrade of point #1 and #2 will CERTAINLY increase your framerate, promise.

Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O