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My Triority system is coming along very nicely, and has some pretty interesting stuff in it now.  I'm using it to write my current game (Assembloids - a video of which is here :

The source code is here :!951&authkey=!AIwUpVANsKdH4YE&ithint=file%2ccpp
Header is here :!949&authkey=!AF1zu3wJuQAlJPY&ithint=file%2ch
Mappy header is here :!950&authkey=!AKiTGhRA66vj63Y&ithint=file%2ch

It is all SDL2 based (music, networking, text display etc), and a fair amount of GLBasic commands are implemented (although any still aren't - screen blending for example, as well as the 3D system).  There are many, many new commands of course - for example there are basic (no pun intended) for particles, string padding and filling and music fading (which is performed in the background which doesn't stop the program running).

Ian Price

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Looks like your getting there, well done! :)


"It is practically impossible to teach good programming style to students that have had prior exposure to BASIC.  As potential programmers, they are mentally mutilated beyond hope of regeneration."
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Started a Kickstarter campaign for it (assuming I can get them to verify me) :

Ian Price

I'm not really upto speed on this since this project has been going on for a long while now and I've seen and read sooooo many other things since then...

So, what advantages are there to using this over GLB?
I came. I saw. I played.


Technically, there isn't a real advantage of this over GLBasic, especially as SDL2 isn't available for handheld devices - at the moment, that is.

You also need to be able to program in C/C++ - but thats another topic.

There are a few things that this can do which GLBasic cant : TTF fonts, which can be coloured, for example.

There is no 3D system yet unfortunately, which I would like to add. 

Ian Price

Sooo... if this already offers less than GLB, why do you feel that people would back this on KickStarter when they can buy (or already have) GLB?

I'd back you purely to support you, but I'm not sure you'll hit your required amount through genuine backers as there's not really any incentive or improvement to an existing product. And honestly that KS just isn't selling it.

Not trying to knock you or Triority, but would it not be better to just create a lib or something for TTF (etc.) for GLB that users can purchase? You'd probably earn more with that than through this KickStarter campaign.
I came. I saw. I played.


MrT I think Ian have reason, if triority makes the same like GLbasic, I think the people don't change for use it... I think if you sell libs like said Ian can be better, something like people do in another softs... In example in Shiva3d the people sells plugins for make the life more easy and don't think them are cheaper, sometimes are a bit expensive...

Perhaps a good point can be do an API for make things more easy, like in monkey do a library they sell in another way, and only make collisions and another things not too much complex... (Take a look to Monkey X web)


Indeed - Triority isn't really for GLBasic users - its mainly directed towards SDL2 users.

I dont expect any real support  there though :)


I agree with Ian here.
Also, the kickstarter campaign is quite as spicy as it seems needed nowadays.
You are looking for very specific users.

Either way, I will support you too.


Thanks, you two :)

It could also be regarded as opening GLBasic into new and (somewhat) uncharted waters - with the exception of the App Game Kit (and GLBasic), there are no easy-to-use 3D systems.  I could see a new area that GLBasic could slip into...


The Kickstater is now live!

Ian Price

I came. I saw. I played.


Thanks for that!