Working in Linux finally!!!

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Hi guys I don't know if you have problems for works your programs in Linux... I always get the error saying something you need the lib-sdl Mixer...

Finally I find the way to works, very easy but if you use Linux 64bits don't find the library in anyplace...

The trick it's very easy put sudo apt-get "the name of SDL-mixer"*** :i386   

***Sorry I don't put the exact name because I close the terminal and I can say exactly the name, but it's the same when you get the error... the very important it's put this ":i386"... I think if you Linux it'x X86 you don't have problems but if you are using AMD64 , really I tried a lot of times to make works, and never sucessfully.

***Sorry if this it's solved (please romove post), but I think sometime ago a lot of people the programs don't runs in Linux.

***Trick about VirtualBOX: If you use GLbasic in Virtualbox and don't see the compiled program and you get an error... try to put the Editor.exe with Wine Configuration to run like XP, I try a lot of times to compile and always crash any program, in XP this it's solved. (I'm not sure but perhaps in Vmware Free it's possible you have the same behaviour).


Cant see anything new here, it has been said before, that you need to use 32bit libraries to make it work on 64bit Linux. But in case this clarification is needed for someone, its good that you posted it (again).
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Yes Kano, a lot of time it's commented, but I never found the :i386 mode for download... (I try another ways and never works for me)

In fact if the post it's very repetitive I comment, any admin can delete it without problem.


What about to port GLBasic to a Lib?
To code in C++ and GCC on any Platform...
I see no big Problems to do that :)
Like Blitz3D did it
I <3 DGArray's :D

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