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After a test i found i cant play some music or sound
on Android with Glb standard version.
Iirc i need to use Android extra for this.
But iirc i need to declare/preload the sound
If i use android extra.
Now my question:

How to play a mp3/ or other sound file whitch
I get over tcp/ip or udp ?
I mean not streaming ala shoutcast i mean
I get a full file, store this and play now.



For PLAYMUSIC, uses full path (using GETCURRENTDIR$()) to get it working. Its a long time ago bug, a bug im should look and fix that. But its a simple workaround throught. For format. uses ogg, not mp3.
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Don´t forget you cab also play .mod and .it on android too just in case.


Marmor, as spacefractal says.
I found this out over the weekend during a Game Jam,
use have to use the complete path for the file and convert the audio to OGG file format.

for example - PLAYMUSIC "Media/runaway/runaway.ogg",TRUE
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