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Wollte mir neues passwort erstellen da ich das
Alte vergessen habe bekomme aber keine mail
Vom passwort vergessen link!
Schreibe vom handy komme also nicht an das

Schranz0r !!
much better as i think before !
Today i need to wait for the Haircutter (20 min waiting for  a 10 min cut ,ugly looking after and paying a price from the Moon) so i walking into a Big Technic Center.
After some slendering i realize , i need nothing but maybe look for the new LG TV with Webos.

what should i say , the Tv from LG stands in the Corner, nobody is in interest just me.
i cant say anything about the startuptime because it was powered on.
i cant say anything about the Tv picture quality because not installed. grrrr
But no internet Connection  also! double grrrrr....
I ask if someone can make a connection for me , yap no problem!  yay :)
i ask something about the webos and other questions but he give me the remote with the words:
we have so many Tv i cant know all things , i say its ok i play with .

pros : the remote looks ugly but is really nice and EASY to handle. its move the Cursor fast with no
          jitter or jumps , it needs no calibrate it works a litte bit like a mouse .
          the TV Gui looks ok , not overdressed and to much info
          the reaction time is around 1/2 from the original.
          the preinstalled apps starts with a little delay ,but  it calls the server for updates and test
          the installed app version. the network here was really slow so ill guess it is much faster at
          home .
         all things are smooth and looks ok for me.
          ive testet the intern browser : ok
          testing some streaming media services , no luck because no login ? maybe
the remote works other a wide range and really big angle , i think it works with bluetooth but dunno.

Cons : the cam for gesture costs extra  (129 euro )
i really cant say anything about the tv picture quality but i can say some about the smart from the
smarttv , and yes it is smart!

1099 euro for this tv isnt tooo much at the first look but i will see next week again , maybe i can say someting about the picture quality.

Btw: all people with buying interests are leaded to samsung or other big companys
with higher priced  tv's. wth

after 1h playing with the tv i go home , the haircutter can wait forever :)

( i know my english is  sh... but i think u understand.)

your are logged out way to fast ! come back we find a solution for your problems .

Off Topic / where is ...
Ampos ? havent seen here long time.
Off Topic / icade core ...
hi there ,
here in my town a big market sells the icade core for 10 euros.
if anyone need one i will buy some on monday .
icade core and glbasic works together.

tipp : iosmame ;) runs also

i go to the market on monday , u need to ask here.
i send it next days if anyone needs one. only the 10 bucks and the post costs.


Glbasic will do the remote Control as allways. :)

these servos are to slow , next time are steppermotors involved.

thx for watching
after some playing with my new bluetooth adapter i found no device in my home which can play longer as 3 minutes without freezes or jumps in audio.

maybe my adapter is   :puke:  so i ask here

is anyone using bluetooth audio for the sound from a device ? works like a charm ?

i testet ipad,iphone, galaxy note2 , ipod  all devices are bad player ?
i test webos if i found my beloved Pre.

For a while someone needs a little help
To repair an old Toy .
After some fights with the destroyed
Old fashioned motherboard inside , i replaced
The also destoyed Atmel with my favorite
Tool for Rapid Development, the
Micromite. Its a pic32 with an Basic interpreter
Called Mmbasic.

I repaired the Display to show the time , the sound to make
Music , much switches and relays and so on ...

Here ist the result :

Other videos from this are on my channel .
is anyone using this ? can i create messages with Glb.

it use https , so i ask.


is SETCURRENTDIR("Media") not working in android ?

i have some ogg files in media but doesfilexist show nothing.

also if i build a debug android apk where do i need to put my smallfont in?


after reading some forum threads i think we need some space for user files .
all these dropbox links or  upload links to other clouds will  crash some days and nobody can help.


i mean no extra showcase i mean  files space for glb creations such like android extra and so on.
after months i charged all my webos devices (veer,pre,touchpad)  and remember the good old times.

for all other user who will update your webos device here my solution.

the security certificate runs out sine july 2013.
so you need to change the date to 1.July.2013.
turn network time off.

this will help


i played a bit with vertexes for a cube but how can i put a texture for each side .

i know its a lame question
Off Topic / Happy Easter !
Happy Easter  to all .
The Famous Micromit !

Micromite is a 32 bit Pic controller with
Inbuild MMbasic .
Runs on max 48 mhz and have 19 i/o Ports
The mmbasic interpreter provide the i2c protocol
so you can build your own Devices with.
Its a little bit the Picaxe but much cooler !

If anyone will join the Beta and have no pickit3
Send me a Pn and i send you some IC for the
Real price from

My first start is to switch a Led , programming
In MMbasic.

Now i can expand every board with my personal
Chips , i think this is real cool so i open this thread .

Micromite :
1: got my beaglebone black and it starts in ~ 1 min the angström linux.
next step is installing android and test glb with gpio ......

2: got my pickit 3 to make some cool toys for i2c expanding chips programmed in MMbasic !
    after fiddeling some newbie Errors i can  put my c programms also on the pic32 !!  :-*

@ Ocean  ive got some fine parts for my cnc ....  :whistle:

ps: only rings , MrT and i in the Chat !!!  :noggin:

pps: is anyone familar with the beaglebone black ?
kann ich mit box2d eine seil Physik erstellen ?

läuft box2d eigendlich auf ios und android ?
und hat jemand nen tipp für mich ?

ja ich habe gegoogelt aber fand nur wischi waschi.
Off Topic / LG G2
Hi ,

A Friend of mine shows me his brandnew
Smartphone , a LG G2.

Its really smart , a little bit like Note 2-3
and its really fast.

Antutu over 30000 points.
Also the display looks great.

If i have a bit moore time i rund the spritespeed tester .