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Merry Christmas to all  ;)
Hey bigsofty , wish you luck
smilebasic for the switch costs 29 korutzen. cant test ist because no switch  :noggin:

i bought a cheap sony cam from ebay in the hope i can get the picture from.

the url works in firefox and edge , "" - it call a javascript i think.

any tips?
schade Gernot .  man hört und sieht dich ja eigendlich garnicht mehr.

Off Topic / Re: Covid
this sux. i hope you and your family recover   :happy:
hard times .....

boring  xmas
Merry X-Mas .  <3
thanks schranzor

PLAYSOUND (1, -1, 1)

i load a wav and want to have access to the Buffer or if not possible a way to save the wav ala savesprite.
Off Topic / Re: Steam Deck
isnt it steam os ? a linux behind?
i fear no port from kitty for this engine.
looks cool <3
hmm :enc:
thx erico  <3 <3 :good: :good: