13.3" Android Tablet

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A new Android Tablet with 13.3 inch. 

I think I wait for the 40 inch Plasma-Version.   :D


Heh, almost as bulky as the old Iconia dual-screen laptop.


Re: 13.3" Android ¿Tablet?,
I think tablet it's something portable... for this are the netbooks or notebooks...

Perhaps in a couple of years I will go whit my dell 30" under my arm  :D


but a cintiq 24" is quite double the size, I would love to have my hands on that...

Not that it is going to happen anytime this life :(


Yes Erico, but the Cintiq, not it's  a tablet, it's for work drawing, but for workd and this things... I suppose a tablet it's a "computer" portable not something very big... this it's my point of view... perhaps the mode now it's make huge tablets, for the people buy... I don't know...

Curiously Wacom it's in desacord whit you  =D

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I suppose just now the server it's doing something wrong ....