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Constant Game Speed independent of Variable FPS

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--- Quote ---EDIT: BTW I built this using V11 beta, I think the -1 project option is able on V10?
--- End quote ---

Works without a problem under V10 with the -1 in "project option"

Many thanks bigsofty for both, the Code and the Link.  I think both is very, very helpful for me.

Bump for good content. :)

Interpolation is a nice final touch. I haven't added that to my own games yet so they sometime stutter a bit.

I have used the above technique in a very large project, this project has lots of things moving around the screen, scrolling with a separate camera and so far it has worked very well. I thought I would mention this as its always reassuring to know that someone else has taken the plunge with something like this that forces you to dramatically alter the code base of your game. For me, it was worth it.  ;)

Reminds me of a couple tutorials i wrote for consitant mouse, and object, independant movement.

This it´s very interesting... I don´t use in my actual project... too much thing to change... but this it´s very very interesting, and Usefulll!!!
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