Prevent 3d Camera "Shake"

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To prevent cam shake in 3d:

Cause Number #1: Camera Point-to Resolution
You want the resolution of the camera rotation to be very fine factors.
The Point-to magnitude, the point-to length must be high, like 100 or more.
If magnitude of pointto is small, like value of 1.0, the entire scene in the area will "shake" when the camera moves.

Cause Number #2: Skybox Sphere/Box Radius
For the same reason point-to res causes camera shaking, a background skybox sphere needs to be wider than 1.0
eg. The skybox position should follow your camera, and should be wide radius (although 1000.0 works, i use 1 million)
to be smooth moving to match the fine changes of movement of the camera.
Tip: A box as opposed to a sphere renders better, yet, it will need to be wide radius as well.

Note about Z-Fighting:
Camera shaking is not the same thing as Z-Fighting, where textures overlap on identical xyz positions.
Some Z-Fighting can be caused by special effects, which are too far to render 100%
Z-Fighting also happens to spheres, with strange texture coordinates on the ends/sides of texture mapping, typical of a sphere.

That can create ENORMOUS 3d worlds!
I've been working on a 3d space/gravity program, and it is HUGE, no cam shaking even with the cam at extremely far distances (like 300k or more)
edit: I have created a smooth rendering 3d simulation, millions of 3d positions wide, and growing!
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O


Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O


Tell more about the 3d space/gravity program!


Its just something im playing with , newtons laws, mixed with sphere volume/radius algorithm.
So far what i have is a planetary solar system formation simulator, in very early stages.
Newtons gravity algorithm looks really cool in 3d space.
The spheres increase in mass as they collide, biggest mass wins the collisions.

take a looky:
Bing ChatGpt is pretty smart :O


Nice! I was just reading about ganymede moon yesterday and how it possibly formed by disk accretion and whatnot.
So while I was expecting an ELITE game, a simulations suits just fine! :D