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I hope I'm not totally wrong, but I mean that Select-Case can be optimized by the compiler to something like a branchtable. So I think Select Case will be faster then If-Then-Else.

For anybody who has trouble to understand licences. On this Website you have an overview of some licences in short.
Many thanks for the link. Looks quite promising.
Thank you for your answer. The Author of 'Exploring Artificial Intelligence on the Commodore 64' made exactly the kind of book I'm looking for : Tim Hartnell's Giant Book Of Computer Games. Maybe it its a little bit outdated. 
The problem is if it's to specific in one language, adaptation can become a little bit hard.
I had a Game Design book in Java and it was all Object-oriented. And even with TYPES in GLBASIC, adaptation is not that easy.
That is why I'm looking for a book that is more general.
Hi all,

I'm looking for good Game Design books. No programming guides or books that describe how to make perfect playable level design.
Books that are more describe the basic principles (how to plan, structure of games ect.) but also a bit of the technical side (scrolling, tiles, enemy intelligence ect.) but not use a specific programming language.
Are there books like this?
Bigsoft, did you know Dubmood? If you like Atari ST/CPC Chiptunes you will love the tunes from Dubmood. :) But I don't think there are free to use.

And you forgot to mention the oldes Soundchip: the pokey from Atari :)
Quote from: mentalthink on 2012-Dec-18
The problem it's buy a raspberry, I think you buy and you don't know when arrives... I don't know if they have more in stock... but the interesting it's if they make a maket I think the cause it's they sold a lot of raspberry, and then can be a little market but efficiently economically

In Germany it's no problem to get one.  There are Online-Shops who have it in stock. 
There is a now an App-Store for the Raspberry Pi: The Pi Store.

After GLBasic is now able to compile for the Raspberry Pi,  maybe it is interesting for someone.
Happy Christmas , Happy Holidays and Season's Greetings.

Nice. I think about to buy a Raspberry Pi for RiscOS, but this USB-Stick ist a nice alternative.
Is an ebook about this Basic-Line: 10 PRINT CHR$(205.5+RND(1)); : GOTO 10  in C64-Basic.
Maybe not interesting  for everyone but perhaps for someone here.
Webside :

Ebook is under Creative Commons.
A new Android Tablet with 13.3 inch. 

I think I wait for the 40 inch Plasma-Version.   :D
Ändere mal das icon.png in distribute\Android\bin\res\drawable. Das funktioniert bei mir zumindest mit dem Emulator.
Ich weiß ein 'Bei mir gehts' ist nich hilfreich. Aber bei mir geht es mit dem Code:
Code (glbasic) Select
SETCURRENTDIR("Media") // go to media files
SETSCREEN 1024,768,0

LOCAL bildschirm_sizex%=1024
LOCAL bildschirm_sizey%=768

LOADSPRITE "titel.jpg", 0 
STRETCHSPRITE 0, 0, 0, bildschirm_sizex, bildschirm_sizey

Wird das Bild gar nicht angezeigt oder nur nicht vergrößert?
Hast du mit jarsigner -verify sterne.apk schon mal ausprobiert ob es richtig funktioniert hat?