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Great! That way we are safe if any updates get something bugged. Well done.

Off Topic / Re: Where has im been
« on: 2021-Jul-05 »
Nice! Here I´m still working on that TRS-80 Color Fight game in BASIC, heck it is quite a project, but hopefully I get to make the pc port with GLBasic right after. :)
Let us know how your projects are on going! :)

Steam has a beta control by clicking over GLBASIC -> properties.
I only see beta there though, no way to run older version as far as I can see.

Bug Reports / Re: Norton .exe complain
« on: 2021-Jun-30 »
I think the problem might be on my end, saved the project on another location and went on adding the media and now those virus total are not complaining about it anymore.

GLBasic - en / Re: Windows - Universal App?
« on: 2021-Jun-30 »
If it could give access to the xbox store it sure will be a nice add. I will look the batch up. Thanks! :good:

Bug Reports / Re: Norton .exe complain
« on: 2021-Jun-30 »
I'm running win 7, Microsoft essentials keep saying GCD inside GLBasic has viruses so I updated for the latest steam version and it seems to be ok now.
Still, after recompiling Burger Lord with the proper icon set up, no hack tool, I sent it to that site and got this:
MaxSecure - Trojan.Malware.300983.susgen - Acronis

Now that is different to the first warning on the older file, still, it sucks to have it happening.
Maybe my system is compromised? I truly doubt it but if that only happens on my side, then that might be it.

Loaded another project, Microsoft essentials has this to say about GLBasic: (see attachment)
Than I allowed GDC through and compiled, worked all fine, sent it to Virus Total and nothing was detected.
Loaded Burgerlord´s project, compiled, sent to Virus total and I get the same MaxSecure trojan warning.

Reading about it on the internets is quite a confusion, but the false positive theories are there.
What the heck could be going on? I will have to look it a bit further.

Bug Reports / Re: Norton .exe complain
« on: 2021-Jun-29 »
Yep, thanks for the hint chaps! I didn´t know of that one.
It seems one of my executables point to an adware BKAV PRO is able to detect.

It could be because I use "Resource Hack" to change icons on my GLB games, I usually notice that after the process, the exe file also gets quite shorter.
Throwing my version on that site also points adware inside the tool.

I have checked my other games, which also had icon changed by resource hack, a no other one seems to behave like that.

Very strange. Still, I will want to change that file at itchio just in case.
Maybe it is time to look on how to change the icon while compiling instead of using a hack tool. :) 

Bug Reports / Re: Norton .exe complain
« on: 2021-Jun-22 »
Yep it is what I told the user. Looking around the forum it seems norton does a lot of falses towards GLBasic,  so it is just a normal thing.
Maybe this post should be somewhere else as it is not GLB bug related?
Anyways, thanks for the info chaps!

Bug Reports / Re: Norton .exe complain
« on: 2021-Jun-21 »
 Burgerlord from itchio wakes norton but not the other games. I used a hack tool to change my games icons but it should not be that as the very same game went to steam without problems. It sure is a bad thing getting people reporting that when they are not computer nerds.

Bug Reports / Norton .exe complain [SOLVED]
« on: 2021-Jun-20 »
Hello chaps, not sure it is a bug or an anti virus fake stuff or maybe my stuff is somehow infected.
A costumer sent me this image where Norton points my .exe tried mess with input.inf

Is that a no worries thing? Did you guys ever saw this?

Announcements / Re: New BETA
« on: 2021-Jun-15 »

Good to hear!

Very nice! Just gave a go :)

On Burger Lord I check a single player coordinate against the platform array, just like MORU said.
In fact it is very similar to boxcoll but I prefer doing it by hand and in my case it is actually a "line" collision as I don´t need the height of box to collide.

Here is the game I have this system running:

I think it was added to go along with that scaling routine. So you can link both.

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