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Announcements / beer me...
« on: 2011-Apr-11 »
just bought GLBASIC PREMIUM by paypal... gifting myself for my birhday! <3
now that I have spent money I guess there is no other way around but having to code games...

And since I'm officially an owner of a premium copy, you all have to answer to my dumb doubts and humbles and Gernot has to implement all my wishes into the language! (even though you already have been doing so for about an year...)

Special thanks to Mike Miller. :booze:

« on: 2011-Apr-01 »
Sorry I should have posted this on ANNOUNCEMENTS.

Yesterday I finally managed to port GLBASIC to ATARI LYNX.
After months of hard work, now all compiles perfectly.

I will be releasing the sdk quite soon.

It is a great time for GLBASIC, specially now that APPLE and MICROSOFT recently merged their mobile plataform SDK to the atari's one.

Now we have no excuse to create the best games for the best gear!

PS:. I'm still having problems reading the START button, could someone help?

[attachment deleted by admin]

I would like to understand the process of compiling to mac and to iphone/pad.
I guess I should start with the MAC desktop as I plan to have my apps going for that too.

I'm running GLBASIC school version.

I'm testing a simple glbasic example, one without any medias.
I set the project to OS-x uni. (although when I reopen the project it is back on win32)
Build multi plataform OS-x uni.

All goes ok, it creates a folder which I copy to MAC desktop.
From that point on I can do anything with it...

Could some soul point me into the correct path? any links I should read?

check this out:

think could be used?

I will take a look when all gears here are ready...

Off Topic / noteslate
« on: 2011-Mar-01 »
this gadget looks soo great, and 99 dolars seems so cool of a price (perfect would be 50).
what do you guys think?

Off Topic / GFX only....
« on: 2010-Dec-19 »
Hello everyone,

thought to share some cool gfx tools with everyone..:

GIMP is one of the best(essential) thing you can have to manipulate image.

GAP for gimp is the best free after effects/ post processing anim you can get...

Dr Petter´s animation tool CHERRY BRUSH is wonderful for animation, needs a tablet:

dont forget sculpris for 3d sculpting:

and you all know the best 3d program...

...but you may not know same cool add ons to it like suicidator and many others..:


needs 3d ivy?:

Dpaint for windows? Painter replacement? here:

Now, there is a program to deal 2d gfx I like a lot and is another Dpaint variation, it´s paid, so worry only if you are really into gfx. Caller DP pro.
Check optipustics hehe..
versio 5.1 is out:

you may wanna check this cupon to buy it 20% less before xmas:

...they have a lite free version with a couple of stuff into it, quite good too:

they also have a sculpt tool to do splines here (paid):

I hope this inspire all gfx users out there...
marry xmas.

GLBasic - en / selling statistc
« on: 2010-Dec-07 »
Hello everyone,

most people are not comfortable sharing such private things but I thought to ask anyway.
Of the ones selling apps on the apple store or pc apps of personal sites,
how is sale going in general?
Could you guys keep a steady sale throughout the year?

I have read that normal/simple games tend to sell 10-50 copies a day, does that hold true?
What about in a time schedule how does it go through 6 months?

I have come around a few articles on these, the most common ones:

I found others too, will post if interests anyone.

But back on point, I'm not considering franchise games or hit games, but am interested on casual games sales.
I'm thinking about moving to this side of entertainment quite soon and anything related to these would help. I think if I could get some 4 apps selling within 6 months and they sell around 20-50 a day (.99 to 1.99 price maybe) I may be able to pull this off, any hints? thanks.

GLBasic - en / win 7 mobile
« on: 2010-Dec-07 »
Does glbasic currently support the win7 mobile environment?
What about their app store? does anyone have any experience on that to share?

Off Topic / mac alternatives
« on: 2010-Nov-15 »
Hi all, first I'm not sure if posting this kind of things is bad, if you think it is, just remove. :noggin:

I came across this article:

it's how to build a mac with 300$ using ebay parts or so,
now I believe buying the original stuff is the way, specially a mini mac for glbasic development por i-stuff.

But the article is cool and you can read on further and read the links it provides about pc/mac parts compatibility, now that I believe may come handy for those mac users out there as you may replace defective parts with cheaper pc parts and so on.

Whichever way, I believe it is a good read. :good:

Off Topic / algo music anyone?
« on: 2010-Aug-11 »
Remember algo music on the amiga? that was really nice and still is for those that can still run it.
I think I should share this one I found few years ago...

that tool generates ramdon music, it's a genius piece of software, free. You have a lot of control over it.
Tunes come out really nice.
It will not substitute a real artist (like Richard Joseph) but it sure helps on the way to compose...
go check have fun!

Off Topic / Online set of tools
« on: 2010-Jul-30 »
hi everyone,

I thought to share these for those that don't know it:

they have a set online creative tools that seems quite nice.
I haven't played with them all, but the music creator, audio creator and vector creator plays around really cool.
I don't know if the vector one will export anything good for glbasic, but the music creator is really nice to put up fast drums loop, don't random too much!

I thought to share these and I'm not sure if they can be any good but they sure have a potential.
Moderators may clear the post if this to be considered spam or something.

Off Topic / wii control for unusual things...
« on: 2009-Dec-04 »
Hi everyone,

maybe you already know about this, but I should share anyway.
look at what johnny lee achieved some time ago:

I find it quite inspiring (genius), add to that if could write glbasic app for that!

GLBasic - en / FOLD subroutines
« on: 2009-Dec-04 »
is it possible to fold subroutines in glbasic like, for example,  AMOS used to do?
Does anyone have an idea on achieving similar goal? I'm sure there must be a way but it escapes me, help?

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