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You could also use the array for the map data instead of the sprite/box collision. Just convert the screen coordinates of your player and compare to the map data to decide of there is a collision or not. This should also have the added benefit of being pretty fast compared to sprite collision tests.

Example of what I mean:

Ah! Never thought of that!  Checking against the object type in the array would be a really simple check as all objects of a certain type are grouped together ranges.   :booze:

Just noticed the vid on Youtube and linked through to Steam - need to follow the forums more often than I do :-[

I've been working on the free version for a while after upgrading from Windows 7 to Windows 10 when I couldn't find my GLB registration code after reinstalling - my current project is 2D only so its not been a problem.

It's a good opportunity to repurchase though and support the product development. Will re-buy v16 this afternoon and drop a review on the Steam site.

Hopefully this gets GLB into the spotlight and boosts the community.

Current version is still working very well for me but I'd love to hear a new version is coming out! :)

Thanks Moru,

I'll have a look at that.

GRABSPRITE - that'll do it! Thanks.

Though if I'm looking for something to potentially be cross-platform I might just split the sprite sheet and load them individually.

Cheers! :)


I'm after advice on how to import images from a sprite sheet into GLBasic.

I've been using the LOADANIM command to date which allows selection of width and height of each image but I'm wondering on the best way to do this when I want the 8 images in a sprite sheet to each have a different sprite number, rather than a different frame number of the same image.

I could split my images and load them individually but it would be simpler if I can combine them all in the same image (sprite sheet).

Many thanks,


GLBasic - en / Re: Hi there!
« on: 2013-Feb-17 »
Thanks for the tips on the collision detection sequencing guys,

I've downloaded the programmers guide from Lulu - very comprehensive for a tenner. Looking forward to running through the tutorials. Just need to sneak a reem of paper into work and print it off (all 399 pages!).

GLBasic - en / Re: Hi there!
« on: 2013-Feb-05 »
Thanks for the comments! :)

GLB seems very intuitive to use and easy to build on. I especially like the dim options for extending and searching the arrays.

I'm a fan of the old retro style games and this seems ideal for development.

Are there any books available for GL Basic (reference / programming)?

Many thanks,


GLBasic - en / Hi there!
« on: 2013-Feb-02 »

I downloaded GLBasic a while ago but have recently  spent a couple of weekends playing with it and am really surprised how easy it is to use. I knocked up part of a Defender clone and everything worked pretty much first time! Uploaded a short vid of it onto Youtube here:

It's not complete - hadn't intended making a game, more a test of the language but it came together so quickly.

I was expecting a massive slow-down with the collision detection (looping to check everything against everything else!) but it still seems surprisingly fast.

I'm using the free version at present but am wondering how well the 3D commands are implemented in the full version. I've quite a bit of experience with Dark Basic Pro - are they on a par with it?

Many thanks,


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