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Title: ADB
Post by: bigsofty on 2012-Jun-10
I'll stick this here as it's pretty relevant to anyone using GLB and Android.

It's a little run down on how to setup and use ADB ...
Title: Re: ADB
Post by: kaotiklabs on 2012-Jun-12
Many thanks it was really helpful!
Title: Re: ADB
Post by: mentalthink on 2012-Jun-16
HI bigsofty thanks for the link, but I think the emulator it´s too much slow... I try to use the Android 4.0, but the GLbasic don´t works... I read the faster way for the emulator it´s use under Virtual Box, I try onlye the 4.0 and runs whit the speed of a real device, I look only the UI, but I think in 2.1 have to runs very quickly....

Thanks for the link.
Title: Re: ADB
Post by: kaotiklabs on 2012-Jun-16
Just in case, I will explain that I could managed to install the debug drivers for my tablet adding the corresponding ids to the google driver .inf, as explained in the document.

Now works flawlesly.
Title: Re: ADB
Post by: bigsofty on 2012-Oct-24
Nice simple vid on installing your ADB USB drivers...