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Preprocessor Defines



The manual states:

The following preprocessor variables are already defined by GLBasic :

Defined names

The following symbols are defined by the editor:
<B>GLB_DEBUG</B> Debug mode is active
<B>GLB_VERSION</B> The version number of the compiler
<B>GLB_CONSOLE</B> Program is a console program

<B>WIN32</B> Current platform is: Win32
<B>OSXUNI</B> Apple Mac OS-X
<B>LINUX</B> Linux x86
<B>IPHONE</B>iPhone, iPod Touch
<B>WINCE</B>Windows Mobile, Windows Phone, PocketPC
<B>GP2XWIZ</B>Gamepark Holding GP2X-Wiz
<B>WIN32DLL</B>Win32, DLL
<B>GP2X</B>Gamepark holding GP2X (F100, F200)
<B>XBOXLINUX</B>Linux x86, software renderer
<B>CAANOO</B>GPH Caanoo device

I am on V10 - is there any predefined names for detecting the Android platform?

I could do with this in my game.

If I remember correctly you need :

--- Code: (glbasic) ---?IF DEFINED(ANDROID)
--- End code ---


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