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Hi  to all people of the forums!
I do not read the forum for long time and I had a few questions.

1) GLBasic support ADS for Android? and iPhone?
2) Is implemented WIFI for Andoid? and iPhone?
3) and Bluetooth? (Android and iPhone)

Thanks for the replies!  :good:

All you are asking must be implemented by the programmer.
The language allows inline C++ code, and writting objetive-c modules in iPhone.
There is Ads library and Bluetooth library for iPhone in the forum.

Hmm im not sure how he means his questions. With native GLB you cant establish a wifi connection, but if the user established a connection, you can use it with GLB NET_ and SOCK_ commands and program networking games.

I comme here every day, and now I know about the BT for iphone...  :O
Thanks hardyx... but it's you know if it's possible to connect an Arduno whit the Bluetooth of iPhone?¿, I think in the new model can be done, because the bluetooth it's the new SmartBluetooth, protocol or model, I'm not sure really what it's.

Kitty Hello:
No. Apple dors not allow to program bluetooth other than the gamechannel connection. You can get an SDK for a high price. Android should be posdible. Wifi is no problem.


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