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dpi on iPhones
« on: 2012-Jun-10 »
Hi mates,

Just a trivial question that has crossed my mind several times.

When you develop for devices like iPhone with really big screen dpis, did you do all the graphics stuff at 300 dpi (iphone screen dpi) or at a usual 72 dpi??
Is there any visual difference?

I use to do it all with 72 dpi but I´m not sure if I´m doing right when looking for best aesthetics.
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Re: dpi on iPhones
« Reply #1 on: 2012-Jun-10 »
Hi kaotic, I never look about the dpi just now whit your question... I look some image of my game... the real image it´s 1800x1200 at 72dpi (I think always use this value becuase it´s for default), and looks very nice... only I have to stretch a little because in the mobiles, appears deformated the image, I think if you pass from 1100 px ~...

I leave you one of 4 images that´s compunds the 2D background... and I told you looks very fine... don´t have nothing blurred... It´s about 800 width pixels, and like you look in PC show in Palm Pre... I think better because the screen it´s more little, perhaps it´s a personal appreciation.

PS: Another thing it´s in 3D, in the case you use... whit 1024x1024(equal sizes makes runs very faster), an image in first plane looks, very nice, but if you have a little displaced in Z Axis 512x512 runs perfecly too.

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Re: dpi on iPhones
« Reply #2 on: 2012-Jun-10 »
Don´t worry for DPI, that is usually for printing.
What really matter for us is the resolution in pure pixel number (ex. 320x240!)

DPI make sense if you state the size you are printing, for example:
"I need this image in A4 size(210mm x 297mm) at 300dpi"
That is the same as:
"I need a 2480 x 3508 pixels image"

DPI is usually language of art directors and marketeers...that don´t know what a pixel is :D

Now a days, there is a tendency to take screen display as a ´print´ :puke: therefore trying to push this dumb DPI stuff into marketing a product, ye just a another number like ghz! RAM! but this one serves no need for visual programmers/artists.

Print/scan houses have a more closer relation/use to this then us.