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Hi I found this for easein-out types, I know have a library in the forum, but this page it´s very visual, you can show how affect every kind of this mathematics formulas...

Ian Price:
Cheers mentalthink - that may come in very handy one day :)

That's a great way to visualize the different easing methods! :good:

Here's the forum where I posted my tween / easing library:

And if anybody is interested, here's all my 'easing' and 'interpolation' bookmarks I have collected:

Thanks SlyDog, I think I go to implement your library... :enc: :enc:  :nw: :nw:

Thanks in advance...

Mentalthink  :booze:

Thank you for finding that page. I use it a lot. Thought I should say something after all this time.  :)


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