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It's strange, but my programs are slower in 64-bit version than in 32-bit  :(
Is it the same for others?

In addition there are lots of unpleasant little bug difficult to explain (especially in English) with the Steam version (base font, distribute folder, etc..)
I admit that I am disappointed with this version... I am even starting to turn to BlitzMax  :(

Right now, I prefer to stay with my 32-bit version for GLB.

it is true there is a huge difference.
With my Flag program:
500fps 32bit
6fps 64bit
It seems that in 64 it runs in debug mode

Windows or android? Android seems fine and is compiled directly from android studio. Im did do newer compiled to 64 win thought.

I'm do seen sometimes strange slowdowns even in 32bit more. Most of them came from the joy commnad when no joysticks was connected.

the results are in Windows. For Android I still have to understand how to compile with android  studio

im gonna think the slowdown issue could been somewhat because ?IFDEF WIN32 is NOT used for the Window 64bit version at all? Greedy Mouse slowdown to 30fps default in 64bit version, unless im using ?IFDEF WIN64.

This can also break some combatible?

Howover Genius Greedy Mouse do ran perfectly when im did this change in the program.

--- Code: (glbasic) ---?DEFINE DESKTOP



--- End code ---

As least that way im have used them in that game. Howover there is a lots of define used in the glbasic source, so its could been a possible issue as its used WIN64 rather than WIN32? If you ask me, both should have been defined.

Howover its a quite annoying the 64bit version uses same file as the 32bit version, rather creating own 64bit. Im will rename this typic to 64bit issues.

Howover im dont mean the base font and base font, distribute folder has been changed at all?

Another issue you can only have one instance for the steam version, but this can been overcome easyl: Just right click on the taskbar and choose a random project. Then its open a new one.


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