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The Case of Joseph Curwen

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A quick (8h) implementation of a future game I plan to create, here in a very simple form.
Did it for AI class as an example of rule based system...but adding a pinch of fun.

The code is probably a winner on the awards of the worst-fast-rogue-savage code written ever by a human been but heck, it does resolve the proposal.
That must matter me thinks. ::)

Have fun.

how to play the mess?
.rogue style + action points
.4 turns for player, move with arrows, space trigger and untrigger the gun (6 chamber), triggering cost no ap.
.when triggered, shot with arrow on that direction
.if head shot, kill zombie, otherwise it pushes him back if an empty space
.you must scavenge all tombs (T) and leave map through entrance.
.tomb can replenish 1 health or full ammo.
.2 turns for zombies

F1 change views (standard ascii, array info, gfx)

not quite balenced, but no time to anything, I must finish Msc semester in the usual last time hurry. ;)
The code is on the zip as a TXT, try not to laugh too hard hehe. :booze:
Some game design on the pdf in portuguese br.

more on this latter...

edit: ahhhh such is the power of the powers in GLBASIC! :)

ops...why not add a screen shot? :whip:

botter not for the constant debug info on the right. :whistle:

Ian Price:
Looks like the odds are stacked against you in that screenie erico! :P

I'll give this a try later. Cheers :)

Alrighty!  =D

It's not easy as I was only able to obtain x3 "T"s.   :sick:

Ian Price:
I managed 4 or 5 :)

I expected it to be "proper" turn based (more like AquaVenture). Are all Rogue-Likes "move 4 places and then wait for enemies to move"? That threw me at first.


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