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If I load an animation with 2 frames and then use drawanim to draw frame 3 (or 100, or 1000), should it give me an error? It just doesn't draw anything. I would have expected a "frame out of bounds" or similar error.


GLBasic - en / IDE questions
« on: 2009-Jan-06 »
I have a few questions about the IDE interface
1) Can you get the "insert Function/Subroutine" buttons to insert where your cursor is rather than at the bottom of the source file?
2) Does the "Save" function have a hot key? I keep hitting cntl-F then S to save my in progress code and it doesn't work. Why does it have an icon (save, not save-all) but no entry on the file menu?
Actually, none of the items on the "file" menu have hot keys (no letters are underlined on it) - is that a bug?

As a new user of GLBasic, I'm having difficulty finding some things in the documentaion. I realise that Kitty Hello would have a million things on his plate that people want implemented, so my question is, is there a way for other people to contribute to the documentation? I've looked for a community wiki or similar and haven't found one. I would be happy to contribute to this (so Kitty Hello doesn't have to do everything!) if there was a way to do it.

I'm finding getting used to GLBasic is taking a bit longer than it might otherwise because some things I expect to be in the documentation either aren't there or I can't find them easily. Also, I'm not always connected to the internet so it would be great to have everything documented so I can find how to do something when I'm offline.

I've made a list of the things I've come across that I've either found so far or that I would like to see in the documentation (hopefully this is seen as constructive help!!!! I apologise if it sounds like I am complaining!!!)

1) A separate section in the documentation describing just the data types and what size they are for the different platforms. This would also detail how to declare each type so that you know that variable$ is a string for example. I keep having to go looking through the tutorial to find out which symbol to use for floats and which for ints.

2) Explaining how to have multiple source files, and how to use a  in your project. I spent a long time looking for an "include file" command before searching for "multiple source files" on the website gave me the answer (though I had to read through a few pages to find it)

3) In the "Commands By Category" section, further sub-grouping of the commands. Eg. If I want to do file manipulation (seek, read, write a file etc), but don't know the commands I have to look in the Input-Output section, then look at the ~50 commands that it gives there to find which one I need. If Input-Output was further broken up it would make it quicker to find the right command

- File Manipulation
  - Read, CopyFile etc
- Input Devices
  - MouseAxis, Joystate etc.
- Graphics
  - GetScreenSize, LoadBMP etc
- Fonts
  - GetFontSize etc.
- etc

4) Different operating systems - Information about the standard requirements of each platform. eg. What the acceptable screen sizes are, maximum program size, number of colours you can use, commands that don't work on a particular platform (if applicable)

5) How to use the profiler

6) What the Multisampling option is for on the options screen

7) Commands like ASIN and bXOR don't have any documentation. Others like "break" are missing examples.

8) A section on performance eg. getpixel isn't usable for intensive real time use, hibernate frees up cpu cycles when used etc.

9) The example for the DEC code has no DEC commands in it.

10) LoadBMP should list the different file formats it will load

11) What the Tools distributed with GLBasic are and what they're for.

12) How to debug your code.

Again, my apologies if this sounds like I'm doing a lot of complaining. This seems like a brilliant product so far - hopefully my comments will help improve the it.

Bug Reports / Crocogame
« on: 2009-Jan-04 »
A few bugs I've found in the latest version
1) Crocogame - Won't compile as PLAYMUSIC (line 475) is missing a parameter
2) Once I add either a "0" or a "1" to the PLAYMUSIC command to get it to compile and try to run it, it dies with the error "CrocoGame.exe has encountered a problem and needs to close.  We are sorry for the inconvenience."  Error details - "AppName: crocogame.exe    AppVer:    ModName: nvoglnt.dll
ModVer:    Offset: 001b74b7"
3) When I go into help for the first time it has a "page cannot be found" error. When I click one of the topics on the left hand side, help now works.

[attachment deleted by admin]

IDE/Syntax / Compiling for different platforms
« on: 2008-Dec-17 »
Is it possible to have the section in the documentation about compiling for different platforms expanded to include the limitations of the various platforms?

I know for example it would be hard to say for a windows pc or mac what the maximum possible resolution you can use is as it's machine dependant, but I imagine for any handheld devices for example that there are only a few video modes that work.
Also, anything else that you'd need to know to compile the program you've just written for another platform - eg. maximum number of concurrent sounds, max program/memory size (where applicable), colour depth options, input devices that work on a particular device (eg. I think I read on one of the forum posts that you can simulate a touch screen on a handheld platform with mouse clicks on a pc).

IDE/Syntax / Datatype documentation
« on: 2008-Dec-17 »
Can we have an extra category in the documentation for datatypes please?
ie. I'd like to easily be able to find out what range a integer, a float etc are (particularly if it changes between platforms)
It would also be good if this section of the doco showed how you define them.

My suggestion

 - Integer
      - Range
               Windows | 0-65535 (or whatever)
               MAC | -32766 to 32767 (or whatever)
      - Declaring
               let a=1

 - String
    - Range
          Windows | Maximum length 255 characters (or whatever)
          MAC | Maximum length 100 characters (or whatever)
    - Declaring
             let a$="Hello World"
 - Float
 - Boolean
 - Etc

It would be good if this documenation section could also include things like declaring arrays, structs etc so you don't have to look through the whole tutorial section. (In fact, just breaking the tutorial up into each section so you can see the topics in the helpfile would be a great start!)

GLBasic - en / Beginner question - datatypes
« on: 2008-Dec-17 »
Would someone be so kind as to point me in the direction of the sizes of the available datatypes?

eg. is Integer -32767 to 32768 or 0 to 65535?
What's the range on a float?
Are there double integers? Double floats?
What's the maximum string length?

I guess these change between platforms, but I can't find it in the docs. Any takers?


music/sound / Global volume command
« on: 2008-Dec-16 »
Sorry if this exists and I have missed it, but I'd like to have a global volume sound that adjusts the volume of all loaded sounds automatically.

IDE/Syntax / Command documentation
« on: 2008-Dec-16 »
Some commands are missing documentation (eg. bNOT, bXOR) and examples. It would be nice if they were documented.

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