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Yes, they do look good.  I'm trying to go for a more Trailblazer type game (although there will hopefully be AI in there somewhere!)


It is your call. I feel that trailblazers have been done to extreme lately, while a true retro racer is still highly on the needs and I´m sure there is demand, specially on a super fine engine as the one you did.

Did you see the AGS one Aprilskies did? It dosen´t have the perspective shift and plays a bit strange, but I love the gfx/music and it is a great effort considering the limits of the tool used.  :good:


Yes, I saw that - is very clever!


Quote from: matchy on 2015-Nov-23
... Alternatively rather than a bitmaps, a smooth turning 3D motorcycle like Road Rash 3D would compliment the track more. (but then there's the rider animation). :-[

Seems someone enjoyed this idea and steam released it  :D
Well, more like I stumbled into something that remembers me of the biker racer idea.


Seems like a nice smooth cash in on the 90´s racer theme.
The game dosen´t seem to have much into it other then driving and stearing, too little for me.


What is popular is that lovely speed feeling like you get from Outrun but with a stonking good soundtrack :)

That's a winning formula!! +1 for the low res - limited pallette style! :)
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