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Sure shot, but it could be used by mr.T should he think it better than the placeholder or to generate sprites or some experimentation with the engine.
Little changes to the uvmap and you get a more or less new car.

Ian Price

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3d in 2d is fully legal. It's how 3d is used.

we used 3d models in Karma Miwa, but created as 2d sprites.

In Jungool we also used pure 3d sprites with 2d backgrounds. So to look 2d, the fov must been very low (I'm thinks we used around just 10-15 fov in Jungool). Same can been done in this game. Fov for 3d sprites just need to been quite low.

The road mind me somewhere the 2d engine used in ios game "final freeway", a nice Outrun clone.
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Exactly, low FOV is similar to using a high mm lens, makes for less perspective distortion and does help a lot blending the outputs.
I have done a bunch of 3d for the avocado game too the same way.

I´m typically a purist on style blend and will easily jump into the reasons Ian stated before with very little exceptions.
But these low poly cars are so charming that the mixed style does not bother me.

Heck, I almost feel like printing them in paper for decoration. :good:

edit: he might have to adjust the fov to match the line perspective on the road, it may be a tricky thing to match.

Ian Price

I'm not saying it can't or shouldn't be done, but that if not done well, the game can look shit as a result.
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Yep, completely.
Also, would it be easy to split screen with this system Mr. T? Today´s bigger and wider monitors/tv should provide a good local multiplayer experience.

edit: Also, should you try the 3d object to blend, add a black quad underneath it for its shadow, you might want this quad always on road, even if the car is jumping flipping about :) . (and please no transparencies on the black quad shadow :D)


Oh yes, it would be no problem doing a split screen mode - probably up to 4 players at once, as its all very quick...


Updated it a bit with the addition of being able to colour fading, as can be seen here :

So night time,morning and what-not can now be emulated.  The next thing will be fog

Tunnels are unique in that the track inside isnt affected by colour fading or fog, although I may do it so that it is until you are inside one.  The players sprite, will, of course change colour too.

After that, its getting the tile collision detection done, which will mean finalising the size of the players and finally getting it animated, after which I want to design and test the inital few stages.



Got the fog up and running - will post a video soon.

After which, I'll get the ingame font up and running along with re-arranging the status display.  After that, I need to get the players character resized properly so the tile collision detection works for the correct size.


Gee! Looking super, scenery and all that, very nice engine! :good:


The third test project is here :


It's looking very awesome,
love the smoothness of the hills and valleys.
Do me a small favour and make the bounding box of that test ball sprite transparent ;)
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Its going to be replaced...


Do you have a target resolution for the the game mr.t?