Author Topic: Is GLBASIC used only for Games Programming or for other serious applications?  (Read 3967 times)

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I have just installled this programming language and intend to test this language.

I have been programming with VB6 and later on C++ and I am looking for a language where I could do some non-game programming for some machines that have especially for deployment on multiple platforms... I was seeing that GLBasic is promoted as a Games language (probably because Games making is a very big market). But has this language been used for some non-game use?

Can anyone let me know of serious applications other than games that have been developed using glbasic?



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I coded this simulator for Shawn which is used to train medical students.

100% GLB  ;)


“It is practically impossible to teach good programming style to students that have had prior exposure to BASIC.  As potential programmers, they are mentally mutilated beyond hope of regeneration.”
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Well I think you can make games and applications... the only problem in some platform... from my point of view... it´s use the Bluetooth of the mobile devices... if you understand C++, you can make what do you want whit Glbasic... I found another Basic, but graphically they are very simple...

I use in example Arduino and GLbasic whitout problems for make me myself programs whit Electronics components.... and make in example a Drawing tool , 3D or another Web applications, GLbasic can do it... and well, we have in a near future HTML5

It´s a very nice option and very very productive....

Regards and Wellcomme..

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The only 'downside' if you program applications is, that GLBasic does not support native Guis at the moment, so you need to create your own or use DDgui or something like that.
Next Version of GLBasic (V11) will have native Gui of Win/Mac/Linux if everything can be done like it was planed.
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I have used GLBasic for creating and processing large xml-files. No need for a gui, only over the command line. Very fast too :-)

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My last app with GLBasic was for my girlfriend's work. She had to pay different amounts of money to thousands of people with an access database. The conditions of each person were very different and it was a pain to check each condition for every person.

With GLBasic and its great types variables the program import the data, check the conditions, assigns one or more quantities of money and export all data to MS Acces again. So now, my girlfriend finish this work in 5 minutes (before it took two weeks to complete the job).

GLBasic=Magic  :)

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My latest side app is for a company my friend works at. It's at beta stage but I should be getting a little money soon, and hopefully a load more once they sell to the companies that buy software from them. It's totally a business app with multithreaded (ie. it doesn't all freeze at any point) access to their online databases.

Best thing is I can tweak it just how they like, and it will (almost) work exactly the same on all the intended devices (Android/iOS/WebOS - Would be really (although unlikely from what I've read here) nice for Win8 (hint)!).

Worst thing is replicating core OS functionality. GLB is made for games, and doesn't link to much of the back end APIs. The result is having to simulate keyboards, intertial scrolling, touch zones, dragging, and numerous other things you take for granted in the OS. It's like using Visual Studio if you didn't have access to any of the objects and having to make them from scratch (which I have done in VB6 for custom stuff, but is a total pain in comparison). Some things are nicely coded as plugins by forum members (eg. the iAds plugin worked pretty well), but there isn't much out there, they go out of date and stop working correctly unless maintained, and unless you really know what you are doing are very unlikely to be modified by yourself (which kind of defeats the point of using this language in the first place).

Overall though, mainly because I want multiple device targets without learning a load of new languages (and because I've used a version of BASIC for decades and it fits like a glove) then it does it's job well. If you only want to develop on one device and want to quickly produce a lot of business type apps then it might be better to use another language.

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