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Up Time Counter
« on: 2006-Jul-17 »
// --------------------------------- //
// Project: Up Time Counter
// Start: Sunday, July 16, 2006
// IDE Version: 3.179
// Here's another useful bit of code I came up with if you need a time counter.
// It counts seconds, minutes and hours.

//Grab starting timer position
//This gets the current timer position to start counting from.
//It has to be put where you want timing to start and should only be run once IE
//before the main loop or as the first part of the code in your program.
starttimesec = GETTIMERALL()
starttimemin = GETTIMERALL()
starttimehour = GETTIMERALL()

//Get temporary timer position minus the starting timer position.
//This gives us only the amount that has changed since the starting timer position
//was grabbed.
tempsec = GETTIMERALL() - starttimesec
tempmin = GETTIMERALL() - starttimemin
temphour = GETTIMERALL() - starttimehour

//Since GETTIMERALL() returns 1000ths of a second we divide by 1000 to get 1 second
//Not part of the actual code but to get minutes we need 60 total 1000ths of a second to = 1 min
//so we get 60000 by multiplying 60 x 1000.
//Similar with hours but since we now need 60 total minutes, that is 60 times the 60 x 1000ths
//(1min) which gives us 3600000 to divide by. If I lost you, don't worry, my description isn't that great.
//Also, GETTIMERALL() gives us a real number so we must use INTEGER() to give us a whole
//number by cutting off everything past the decimal point.
seconds = INTEGER(tempsec / 1000)
minutes = INTEGER(tempmin / 60000)
hours = INTEGER(temphour / 3600000)

//This sets the starting time positions up to grab the current timer position for another count once
//minutes or seconds have reached 60.
//Since hours count up continually, we don't need to modify the starting position for them unless you
//wanted to add a counter for days, years, etc..
IF minutes > 59 THEN starttimemin = GETTIMERALL()
IF seconds > 59 THEN starttimesec = GETTIMERALL()

//This should be easy to figure out but we are just pasting the timer results to
//the screen and then telling it to update so it can be seen.
PRINT "Up Time: " + hours + "h" + minutes + "m" + seconds + "s",200,100
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Up Time Counter
« Reply #1 on: 2006-Jul-17 »
Very nice routine (and well documented), thank you,



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