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Title: command request
Post by: sf-in-sf on 2015-Jun-16
It's cool to have FILEREQUEST$ available but it's not enough. It lacks a title for the window, in order to make clear what is the requester for, when you need multiple requesters to locate various things. A title should say, for example, if you wanna read or write/give-a-new-filename...
Unfortunately, I found no FOLDERREQUEST$ (tell me if I am wrong). I need it to input where all the pictures of an album are located. Or, where sorted textures live together. Is there any way around that problem?
Title: Re: command request
Post by: Hemlos on 2015-Aug-02
I push this into feature request, youre right.

The second question is solvable, you select the image in the popup, and split$ the results.