New WIP in showcase

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Richard Rae

More work done on programme.Now has 10 levels.More to follow.
Get it at the showroom page.Tell me what you think,and any suggestions.


Hi westray
  Nice game. Games like these keep my brain fresh.:) . Waiting for more.

The day will come...

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Yepp, Pull in the next gear. I want some more fresh levels !
Till my brain smoke ;)

Nice work buddy, keep it !
I <3 DGArray's :D

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Stupid question: Where do I find this WIP? I looked thru the showcase on the page and can't find anything named WIP.

Kitty Hello

Always the topmost game is the newest.

Richard Rae

10 levels now


Nicely polished!

One thing though: You can still turn on / off lights when the level is over and waiting for pressing y/n. Mabe make it check for a mouse button too so you don't have to find the Y button on the keyboard all the time? :-)