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GLBasic - en / Running on Linux 2014
« on: 2014-May-20 »
I did a search but I can't see an up-to-date mention of running GLB compiled apps on Linux. I am fairly sure I have every SDL lib under the sun installed on my Kubuntu 14.04 system but I get the old SDL error messages:
Code: (glbasic) [Select]
Can't init input method could be opened
rbow init
VSync unsupported on old SDL versions (before 1.2.10).
SDL_init video
SDL_GetVideoInfo = 2560x1024 @ 32 bpp. Screen 640x480
Requested SDL_OPENGL = 2
Requested double buffer
set up SDL for OpenGL mode
Setting video mode: 640x480x24 fl=2
SetVideoMode failed: Couldn't find matching GLX visual
INIT: Unable to create BPP -> trying 16.
Couldn't set GL mode: Couldn't find matching GLX visual
Segmentation fault (core dumped)

Am I missing something? I have installed everything mentioned in the manual and that I could see mentioned in these forums.  :giveup:

Edit: I am primarily compiling for GP2X (which is fine - presumably because the libs are the same as they have been for ages now) at the moment but I will need some desktop running ability in the future.

Off Topic / Design Tools
« on: 2014-May-18 »
How do GLB people design their masterpieces before the coding starts? Does anyone know of any (preferably FOSS) storyboarding and design applications or similar. How do GLB people manage projects? I know it is best to have as much done as possible before even touching code but I often don't know how to organise and prepare even when I have great ideas.

Or do you all just scribble stuff down on the back of an envelope and fire up the IDE?  :P

Any input on how others deal with the pre-production would be greatly received.

Thanks  =D

I imagine the topic says it all - I could have sworn I read something about a native Linux IDE for GLB but now I can't find anything. :S Am I going mad(der) or was this real?  :noggin:

Off Topic / Android recommendations
« on: 2012-Aug-05 »
Does anyone have any recommendations for a budget priced (under £100) android tablet? It doesn't have to be great for games but it would be a bonus.

I think it would be better to ask what sort of tech spec to look for since there are so many tablets out there.

Off Topic / Broken Caanoo
« on: 2012-Jun-05 »
I managed to brick my Caanoo >:D , losing power during an update (why didn't I plug it in?  :'( ), now it gets power but nothing else. If anyone knows if there is still a repair service that is cheaper than buying a new one then I would love to hear from you.

Off Topic / Hello GLBasic People
« on: 2012-May-31 »
Hi all

Just ordered and received my licence very quickly (thanks Gernot  <3 ) and ready to have a good play with GLB. Brilliant product and I look forward to using it and chatting to you all here  :happy:

Hamish the PolarBear

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