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GLBasic code editor - BR GLB IDE, with VB .Net source... Update: 21.10.2021

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i wish we have a ide written in purebasic for win/mac/linux .

And I say in GLbasic don't it's possible make the IDE?¿, sure works in Mac , LINUX and PC... without problems...
Use Net o PureBasic what advantage have front GLBasic, the buttons or make the IDE?¿.

In short, GLB isn't best language for making applications, you would need to made advanced edit control with many features similar to Scintilla, all ui stuff, and so on..

It tooked to long but I returned to this project some time ago and now you can see what is new in 3 public version of my IDE.
Compiling for win32 works ok, there are some issues with other platforms, but autocomplete, hints and all that stuff is working, give it a try ;]
To compile projects you need copy '' file from 'C:\Users\-X-\AppData\Local\Temp\glbasic' to ide application dir - standard glb ide generates that file before compiling.
Second thing, GLB doesn't close stdout stream after each line, so to get info from DEBUG function attach that source:

--- Code: (glbasic) ---INLINE
                extern "C" {
                        #include <cstdio>
        namespace __GLBASIC__ {

TYPE test_type2

//fix glb stdout
FUNCTION stdout_fix:
                setbuf(stdout, NULL);
--- End code ---
and use 'stdout_fix()' function at start of your sources.

If there would be some problems with refreshing variables, functions, save current file or switch to edit another file in project and get back to previous file, that will parse first file again, and all missing stuff should be recognized.

Edit: current problems: arrays bug, does not recognize function arguments as local defined variables..

Good going! :good:
I will check this out later.

My favorite IDE is Gedit with a terminal in the bottom =D


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