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3D with GLBasic - movie

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right click+save and played on smp player, works fine.
Who's voice is that? is that kitty?

I guess your movie player does not have codecs for that, works fine here.
Try VLC or SMPLAYER as both whould come with all video audio codecs you may need.

Kitty Hello,

I downloaded the AC3D 6.8.14 and installed, then I copied the "ddd_export.p" from GLBasic\plugin in to the AC3D\plugin directory.
Next I did your tutorial above "3D with GLBasic".
Compile and it worked fine.

I noticed that the texture of the 3D snow man on AC3D has a better resolution than the one displayed by GLBasic. (The same result I can see in you video)

How can I improve the resolution or get close the the AC3D resolution?
Is these because I am using a trial version?

Kitty Hello:
I don't understand?
Maybe you want to try X_MIPMAPPING TRUE at the start of your code.

HI aroldo if you want show better the textures in 3D geometry, basically you have to make this image more bigger, and GlBasic runs better whit ^2 images (this it´s only square images).

Warning!!! when I tell the image more bigger, I don´t say, take the Photoshop or another shot and scaling, no!!!... in example if you render a texture or render an image for use like a texture in your 3D object, this have to be in example 1024x1024 or 2056x2056, not Scaling!!!.

Basically making the (image), texture more greater the image in the x_Objects looks better, well you can use... I think it´s called X_MipMap, but I never used.

PS: Take a look a 3d exporter plugin of Vladimir for 3Ds MAX, it´s absolutly wondefull, ever if you use 3d max.


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