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Binary Madness (almost finished Beta Version)

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I have now uploaded a quick video showing the game, and also a first update of the game itself.

- You can now remove placed 0 or 1 with one more click.
- After a puzzle is solved, one click anywhere starts new game directly.
- If a puzzle is solved incorrect, a textmessage will remind you.
- help has been improved and will show incorrect placed 1 or 0. (and will not crash game anymore)
- started to animate the 1 and 0 sprites.

Thank you Bigsofty for your feedback. I already started with animating the 0 and 1 elements. About particles.... It´s a very long time ago I coded some particles last time and If I remember correct it was in Blitz3d so it was kinda easy... But I will think about it, you always can need some particles :D


@svenart Nice looking game well done! Great to see an html5 release too, inspiraton for me to work on something using the compiler.

Ian Price:
That's really nice (I've always enjoyed this puzzle game in newspapers etc.). I see you've sorted out the puzzle creation speed problems.

Well done :)

I'm not great at puzzle games and had never seen this kind before.
It took me a while to get my head into it but I actually found it interesting and quite challenging.
For some reason it started to remind me of a Rubik's Cube  =D

This game is extremely well done!
The presentation is excellent.
The rules seem simple but in practice they make it very challenging to complete the board.

Well done! :booze:

 :offtopic: It's awesome this game is made in GLBasic and the language now supports building for the web! :)

Nice graphical design, I like the effect of numbers appearing row by row. Even that concept is simple it can be challenging.
Only one suggestion - after solving puzzle the pop-up info should stay a bit longer - at least for me it disappears to fast. Generally good job, and nice to see more GLB games ;)
For small game it's a solid entry, if you would like to make it something more or put it on Steam there are a plenty of features that could be added - maybe undo, counter for '1' in each row/column, un-active blocks, regions that aren't counted to global '1' summary, tiles/blocks that have negative value, or are changing the rules in particular row/column, all that would allow to create much larger levels with different feeling.


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