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Binary Madness (almost finished Beta Version)

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Thank you all again for your replies.

Meanwhile I have uploaded the V1.0 Version of Itch.Io for download or play in browser.

You can now play the game in 12x12 mode, it has different backgrounds, no identical levels, all levels are now solvable without help and much more.

@ Dreamerman: Uploading games on steam would be great, but my games are free and as far as I know I have to pay a 100$ fee for every game that I upload on steam. But I´m definately considering to do this step maybe soon with other games or a bundle of games maybe. Your Idea of a negative value is crazy :D I will have to think about this. Maybe in an extra mode. Thank you

@ Ian Price: Thanks. I was able to make the generation of the puzzles 50 times faster. However, while the 8x8 and 10x10 generation only takes 1 second, the 12x12 generation takes 5-10 MINUTES for one puzzle! LOL... So I had to pregenerate and then save the levels. But hey, It works :D


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