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Thanks, yet I doubt that I'll need to use this as other forum mods are doing great job and with those restrictions for new users there is really no spam or other problems here.
But ending offtop and back to topic. It's great that this 'issue' was resolved, hopefully it will get some new active users and more interesting game projects in long-term.


I have just made it here from steam with dreamerman's help. I just wanted to report that the option Web>Forum in the IDE appears to be German only and I had no idea what it was telling me.

Kitty Hello:
Oops! Languages swapped.

When you click the menu item "Web/Forum" in the IDE, the forum access password is copied to your clipbaord, and you can paste it with Ctrl+V. (don't paste it here on the forums, please - we had terrible trouble with spammers)


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