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Hmm. This particular version I've got is a trial version, which only records 30 seconds. Tells me I should pay for the full thing.
while 1
draw stuff
alphamode -1


I'm trying to capture my GLBasic game with a screen capture software. Since it uses GL it seems normal capture software won't work. I've found Fraps, but that only takes a few seconds of video, and I can't really figure out the other software I've found. So I'd like to present my game to the internet, but how? Do you know of any screen capture software that can do this? (I know this isn't exactly GLBasic related, but I presume some of you have made videos of your games, so I figure I could ask.)
Thank you! I knew it had to be an easy one.
GLBasic - en / Alpha in png?
First off, hello everyone. I'm coding a game in GLBasic. Later more about that.  :good:

I've got a question, which seems like there should be an easy answer, but I can't find one.
I've added a nice glow to my spellcasting fire. In the attachments, you can see how it looks in my graphics program (the grey blocks are transparent area) and how it ends up looking in the game.
What gives?  :doubt: I've looked at SETTRANSPARENCY, but it only accepts color values and I don't know if there is a colour value for transparency? This is the first time I try using the transparent option of png files. Before this I simply used the standard (255,0,128) for my images, but because I'd like this to glow, I can't do that. Help?

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