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I do not think I am using this extra parameter, that's just what the linker throws back. Still unsure why this should crash for a Linux build, am I maybe using the wrong platform files? I could not find a Linux platform in the v16 directory.  O_O

I'm running the latest Steam version. But somehow I still had to install Linux platform manually. When I do and try to compile some code with SETFONT in it, I get this during the linking:

: undefined reference to `__GLBASIC__::SETFONT(int, double, int)'

What's up with that?
I have released an update that locks the resolution on 1280x800, as I could see you were having some graphical glitches as well. The collision problem was caused by code that works fine on 1280x800 and 640x400, but not others. I also adjusted the calculations. Anyway, I have released an additional update solving this problem. If you would try it out that would be great. I've also opened up all three first levels for all players now.
Once again thank you for giving such a good bug report with a video and everything, helps me a lot. :)
Thank you for your replies. I will look into it today.
Quote from: spacefractal on 2020-Jun-18
not fixed here. still fall throught floor start in level 3 and all enemies walk on the water. Im did even  tried to validate. So did you updated with right exe file?

Did you get the update? You should not even start near water now. If it still fails, you can skip level with "N" in dev mode (show FPS in options)
I just released an update that should fix the issue some of you have been having in level 3. If you encounter any additional things please let me know.
Thank you for reporting this bug.  :good: I will release a small update soon that will fix this. Will let you know in this thread.
Thanks for playing!

I've worked on it on and off for 9 years.

A gif of the trailer I made for the full release:

I now consider this game finished. I will perhaps tweak levels and fix bugs later, but other than that I'm on to other projects.

Here is the trailer on Youtube:

Cheers.   =D
Quote from: r0ber7 on 2019-Jan-18
Quote from: Schranz0r on 2019-Jan-07
HTTPS is standard nowadays  :D :D :D


Are there plans to include SSL in NETWEBGET calls?
Quote from: Marmor on 2019-Nov-15
Nice, ok, so sorry, but I just realized 64bit compiling is part of the Steam version. Do I have to buy this version again?  :(

same here

Gernote gave me a key, but I already bought the Steam version. If you still need it, you can have my code.
64bit Windows builds.
Quote from: erico on 2019-Nov-05
Now that you said I went to check, and there is an icon as win 64 on the multi platform compile.
Since I installed and went about using it, I was hitting F5 as usual and the compile window states win32, so I guess that is the standard.

Haven´t tried the 64 version yet.

For the Steam version I probably have to buy again?
You can probably fix it. What errors do you see?