how to get the pic from my cam

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i bought a cheap sony cam from ebay in the hope i can get the picture from.

the url works in firefox and edge , "" - it call a javascript i think.

any tips?


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You want that picture in glbasic? Try netgetweb (is it called that?) and print what you get. I guess it returns html code. See where ghe img tag points to and try netgetweb on that address again. It should be a jpeg.    Or, its a video. On windows, download ffmpeg and grab one frame to extract a jpg, then.


First it depends what such call returns, is it html code with encoded image, raw jpeg or something.
Check 'programmer console/options/view' in your browser what does it do after going to this site, or use http debug tool/spy like Fiddler to get all needed info, as it may require to use some specific http headers to force some behavior. If you would need to get that image asynchronously best would be custom http handing code with network commands. If you would have any problems let us know.
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