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ReSampler - high quality image scaling

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My bad, I just tested the if the download was working. It did download(on my IPad), not sure if it contains the source though, my dumb Ipad can’t open zips.

The great Resampler (thank Kitty Hello) is quite slow due to the different internal graphic format used between GLB and Resampler.
I raised the bottleneck of the transformation from the RGBA (GLB) to BGRA (Resampler) format  and vice versa.
Now it's a little faster.
The modified files are ReSamplerF.gbas and resamplerF_wrapper.cpp where  commented I left the old instructions
Furthermore it seems to me that the resampler.cpp code would also have to be optimized, but this is another matter and of greater complexity. We will see in the future.
Let me know, if you want, your feedback.


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