64-Bit compilation issues

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1) I can select Win64 as the target, but I cannot set the "build for this platform" tick - it is greyed out/disabled.

I can ONLY set 64 Bit compilation by pressing the "Multiplatform compilation" button.

Even so I can only build the 64 bit copy using "Multiplatform compilation"

2) When I compile to Win64 the build is compiled to "distribute\Win32\AppName" = should it compile to "distribute\Win64\AppName" ?

3) My nice new 64 Bit compile actually obeys the screen resolution set in Project...Options, whereas 32 Bit compile seems to decide on the resolution by itself?


1) 'build' function uses Win32 as target platform, not sure if always.
2) in previous GLB versions it was compiled to distribute/Win64, not sure why now it's Win32, nevertheless
latest compiled version is always copied to 'project_name.app' path, so yuo can use that.
3) 64bit windows is treated as separate platform, so you need to specify proper starting resolution in Project->Options
Check my source code editor for GLBasic - link Update: 20.04.2020