Vsync Problem?

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Apparently vsync no longer works on Windows.

But I'm not sure as it could be a problem with my dinosaur PC  ::)

Kitty Hello

Might be a graphics driver setting that forces vsync to be off by default? I'm not messing with that setting in OpenGL.


In fact I have to force the vsync to be activated but it's not a GLBasic problem because I tested with wglSwapIntervalEXT(1) and it's the same  :(
It's an Intel integrated graphics card maybe with a normal graphics card there is not this problem, I don't know...


Generally VSync in full screen should work, one thing that's some kind awkward is that GLB starts glBegin right after flipping buffers.. Problem may be dependent from GPU/OS/drivers combination, as mentioned try forcing VSync in gpu drivers control panel. On older Vega iGPU I don't see issues (full screen, 60Hz display, fps set to 60-120 always limited by vsync to 60 without screen tearing).
You can also check stability of rendering frames with some software like MSI Afterburner or new Intel PresentMon.
Check my source code editor for GLBasic - link Update: 20.04.2020


Yes I have to force VSync from the control panel, if I leave it on the application settings it doesn't work  :(
Fortunately, I use a deltatime for everything because otherwise I would have had a big speed problem in my programs.
The strange thing is that I had no problems with VSync until a Windows update.
Thanks dreamerman for confirming that the problem is with my computer.