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GLBasic - en / 3D Camera Collision Problem
« on: 2013-Jun-13 »
I'm making a silly little game, based on the 3dmaze sample. It creates a random maze, populates it with sprites and 3dmodels and let's you walk through the dungeon. I changed the deafult camera to enable moving with w,a,s,d and mouse looking on x and y axes. I added kanonet's super lighting lib and his quick math library. Everything is working fine, except i can't make a proper camera collision.

Code: (glbasic) [Select]
x_old = Cam_x//store current x camera value
z_old = Cam_z//store current z camera value

IF X_COLLISION(0,0,sz/4,Cam_x,sz/2,Cam_z)//check if the camera collides with any of the walls. walls have id 0
Cam_z = z_old
Cam_x = x_old
collision = 1
collision = 0

IF KEY(17)// forward 'w'
INC Cam_z,qSIN(phi_xz)*Cam_Speed
INC Cam_x,qCOS(phi_xz)*Cam_Speed
IF KEY(31)// back 's'
DEC Cam_z,qSIN(phi_xz)*Cam_Speed
DEC Cam_x,qCOS(phi_xz)*Cam_Speed
IF KEY(30)// left 'a'
INC Cam_z,qSIN(phi_xz-90)*(Cam_Speed-0.2)
INC Cam_x,qCOS(phi_xz-90)*(Cam_Speed-0.2)
IF KEY(32)// right 'd'
INC Cam_z,qSIN(phi_xz+90)*(Cam_Speed-0.2)
INC Cam_x,qCOS(phi_xz+90)*(Cam_Speed-0.2)

I then print the collision value. Whenever i am close to a wall it get's to 1 as it should, but Cam_x and Cam_z don't get constrained to the values they had before the collision occured and i simply pass through the wall. I must be doing something wrong, but i can't figure out what. Any ideas/help would be appreciated. I tried using the 3D entity system for collision checking. I created a sphere and placed it to where the camera is. I am doing an EntityCollisionSlide(ball, 0, Cam_x, Cam_y, Cam_z) and then Cam_z = z_old  and   Cam_x = x_old, but still to no avail. The camera, keeps passing through the walls.

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