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I paid three books, the second edition, and I'm jealous, I will not give these books to anyone, I must first study  :nana:


The programmer´s guide are fabolous, you can see, in a few days you can make a little things, past 1 moth, you will come a little expert :).

The books are explained, simply perfect, and contains all the info for make any kind of program game, or what you can do.


Hope you like them!

Just to let you know that Lulu are migrating all downloads to ePub books for some strange reason - the PRG has already had it converted, and the rest will happen towards the end of September.


I think that this conversion is intended to allow the reading of books direclty on eBook readers.


Indeed - its a shame though...


By the way, if you buy a book (or download), don't forget to write a review and rate it :)


I bought all three of them.  I guess I should probably read them at some point.   ;)


Now available is the GLBasic 2012 calender, for a snip at £13

Featuring some of the graphics used in the Android/Apple/Palm Catalog/marketplace threads for each month, there are bits of information for some dates as well.

Now available from the Lulu store :


Nice go, Hit the deck gets february hehe! ;)
I must be featured on next one.

One thing is that you could also collect some work in progress/sketches of games to fill it up too.


All the months have been filled up :)

Could always do another one so people have a choice  :D

Ian Price

Nice selection of GLB games in there :)

How come you didn't put Spots in there?
I came. I saw. I played.


Didn't really have any decent screenshots of it - although I may do another one and include it there...


I meant a picture per day hehe ;/


Dont have that option unfortunately...

For a short time you can get 15% off when you buy from Lulu - see the main website for the promo code.


The final book of the year is a collection of routines that I have written over the years.

As usual it's available as an eBook (£3.95 - and paperback (£28.35 -