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All of my GLBasic books are free (and have been for a while now), and consist of :

  • Programmers Reference Manual.  Based on the original BigSofty (and Gernot Frisch) text, it was updated and expanded to include all commands, types and all other GLBasic areas
  • Cookbooks.  These are collections of routines that I have written over the years
  • IDE User Guide.  How to use the IDE
  • DDgui User Guide.  How to use DDgui

I'll be making all of these available at later on.  Whilst these are all in the forums (somewhere), it is hard to find!


HI, MRTatoad, this is very cool, I have a similar idea but in Spaninh.

Good luck whit the books.

Best Reards,
Iván J.

Kitty Hello

A spanish manual would be great. But it's an awful lot of work.


If you want the text to convert to Spanish, French, German or Esperanto, I can supply the original English version...


Lulu is doing a discount for 1st November only - 25% off...


Well, I have a little plans for make a Spanish book, of Glbasic, but how I don´t be a proffesional programmer, perhaps I don´t be a good work.

How I say looking this possibility, and if I fell whit forces for write a book, I think I start in begin the next year.

Best Regards,
Iván J.


Fair enough :)


will probably buy two of them, pdf format...nice job!


Thanks for the awesome books MrTAToad! They serve as invaluable references. I just bought them all in .pdf format. I suggest anyone who is serious about GLBasic development and wants to delve deeper, also buys them. They are ridiculously cheap in contrary to what they offer! Keep up the good work. You got yourself a supporter and Tenebra Studios will as of now be using your books to deliver even better products!
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Glad you like them!


Hi Mrtatoad, only a little counsil. Have 2 books on LULU, I don´t rebenber whats, when you pick, for show the content of the book, don´t apperars nothing, I think this can be a back step for buy anyone of these 2 books.

Kinds Regards,
Iván J.

Ps: The programmer´s guide is very very useful, and is explained fantastically clear. Thanks for this great job


The preview is something that Lulu takes care of - and they do all seem to be working okay


The price of the GLBasic Programmer's Reference Guide is 28x more in print. I want that book but that price for print, for now, is a bit indulgent.

Would you get more money from someone buying the printed version or is that just the cost of the printing?


I get slightly more for print copies than downloads, but there is a high starting price for those anyway unfortunately.

Just for today, there is 20% off the price of the Programmers Reference Guide, so its now £70.80


Well, you could always order 2 copies of the eBook!   =D
Saves you way more money than the printed copy, and more profit goes to MrTAToad!   :booze:
Read one copy, and keep the other in mint condition.   :whistle:
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